GOD’S ANSWERS for Christians Today

By Foster Shannon

Why GOD’S Answers?

As a pastor, I have often been challenged by younger members of my congregations with
questions about how to relate the Bible and God’s words to today’s world.  I find more people today
rejecting Christianity because they believe it not applicable to their lives and is thus, irrelevant.

I suspect some Christians are “straying” since the answers to daily dilemmas and major life
issues are not evident or easily attainable. Perhaps, considering God’s point of view has
become less important for many. And yet, HIS are the only answers that truly give any lasting value to our lives.

How do we find the way?


“Seek and ye SHALL find.

Knock and the door SHALL be opened.

ASK and it SHALL be given.”

Searching for the truth in the Bible can seem like a daunting challenge.

There is always something new to learn, and new questions to be raised.

And, like digging for gold in the ground, it can be a long and arduous task.

However, as one who has been mining it’s pages for many years, I have done the digging for you.

An experienced guide, I will help you explore the territory to find it’s riches without getting lost along the way.

For instance, my book, Answering Questions People Ask About Christianity is one of the great tools I have created to help you discover the treasures the Bible offers, as well as a dynamic reference in sharing nuggets of truth with others.

You can order the book directly from this link at GoGreenleaf.com

And as always, I am always here to help with any questions.

Please contact Foster directly at his email address:

The answers are there.

Don’t give up.

Foster H. Shannon
More about Foster…
Foster H. Shannon, Brief Biographical Note Dr. Foster Shannon received his degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Political Science, and went on to obtain a Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary, with emphasis on church growth. The Interim Pastor of True Light Presbyterian Church in Alhambra, CA until recently, he is the author of seven books and a Sunday School curriculum. As the President of Green Leaf Press, a non-profit Christian publishing company, established in 1981, he publishes and markets Christian books with special emphasis on Bible Study, Church Growth, and Christian Evidences.
The website is: www.gogreenleaf.com.
He enjoys riding his bicycle and swimming weekly. He likes both classical and popular music. He roots for the CAL Bears and the Chicago Cubs.